Riders Defeat the Longhorns 50-6

Olivia Johnson, Sports Editor and Yearbook Editor-In-Chief

The Riders marched in together once again, the Junior Varsity and Freshman teams conquered the Tarkington Longhorns 50-6 on October 11th.

“The coaches chose the captains by who leads the team the best and helps other players,” Freshman Miguel Leon said.

 The Roughrider captains Freshman Miguel Leon, Freshman Chandler Jones, and Sophomore Channing Daniels lost the coin toss. Tarkington kicked the ball leaving the Riders to receive the kick. Rider offensive started off strong with a 49 yard run by Freshman Jason Calloway, which resulted in a Roughrider touchdown. The Riders kept the momentum going by operating a strong defense.On the kickoff, Freshman Brayden Britt made an impressive tackle causing a Tarkington player to fumble the ball. The Riders picked up the loose ball.Offense worked hard to give the Riders a lead of 21-0 at the conclusion of the first quarter.

“When I am making a tackle I think about the feeling of hitting somebody,” Freshman Brayden Britt said, “I tell myself to be aggressive with all of my hits.”

The offense and defense continued the second quarter with the same mindset as the first, a determination to win. The defense worked hard, making impressive tackles to prevent the Longhorns from scoring. With 3:35 left in the first half, the Riders scored with a quarterback keep by Freshman Jase Bird. The two point conversion lead by Freshman Peter Tu was good for the extra points. A 33 yard pass by Freshman Makel Johnson resulted in a touchdown to end the first half with a score of 36-0.

“I decided to keep the ball because I seen an open path to score“Freshman Jase Bird said.

Defense seemed to have lost their momentum heading into the third quarter. The Longhorns had hope of a touchdown when Freshman Brayden Britt stopped the running back however, the Longhorns gained 50 yards, which gave them a first down. Preventing Tarkington from scoring, Freshman Miguel Leon makes a impressive tackle with 7:03 left in the third quarter.Much like the last game, a bad snap lead to a recover by the Longhorns. This bad snap allowed the Longhorns to score, making the game 36-6. Regaining a strong lead, Sophomore Channing Daniels traveled 15 yards to score for the Riders.The boys headed into the final stretch with a score of 43-6.

“The feeling of scoring a touchdown gets my blood pumping,” Sophomore Channing Daniels said, “ the adrenaline never stops pumping.”

Determined to finish the game strong, Freshman Andres Vasquez sacks the quarterback in the back field for a loss of ten for the Longhorns. A turnover on downs by Tarkington, gave the Riders the ball at the Longhorn 39 yard line. Freshman Chandler Jones found his way into the end zone giving the Riders a lead of 50-6 with 4:52 left in the 4th quarter. The Riders kneeled in order to run the time out. With a final score of 50-6, the Riders head into district with a record of 1-0.

 The Junior Varsity and Freshman teams will face Shepherd on October 25th in Shepherd starting at 5:00.