Twenty One Pilots Uplifts CHS Students

Tyler Joseph formed the now famous band, “Twenty One Pilots”, originating from Columbus, Ohio, in 2009. Joseph and the two former members, Chris Salih and Nick Thomas, made the self-titled album, “Twenty One Pilots.”

Due to work and schooling, Salih and Thomas left within two months. Then drummer Josh Dun entered the Twenty One Pilots band. Together, Joseph and Dun released Regional at Best (2011), Vessel (2013), and Blurryface (2015).

Twenty One Pilots falls under many genres, such as alternative hip hop, electro pop, alternative rock, and rap rock. Their fifth upcoming studio album, “Trench,” will be released October 5th. According to Wikipedia, its genre is alternative/indie, and after listening to the four songs they’ve already ”leaked,” the generalization fits. Music videos for the songs, Nico and the Niners, Jumpsuit, Levitate, and My Blood have already reached 70.9 million views in total on Youtube.

Twenty One Pilots are an inspiration to so many people. According to Ellie Walker, “Their music was there for me when no one else was.”

They’ve helped many kids who suffer from depression, anxiety, insecurity, and suicidal thoughts get through another day.

“They make the [negative] thoughts go away,” Sophomore Kayla Colbey said.

Twenty One Pilots are the go-to band for many people. When you depend on certain music for a long time, you develop a deep affection for the people who make your life easier.

“They’re a great band,” Sophomore Trinity Moore said. “I’m so glad I found them. I personally want to marry one of them.”

Twenty One Pilots is very different from traditional music on the radio.  

“They’re not pop,” Walker said. “They’re not punk or rap. They’re their own genre. They are so unique.”

Trench will be a great success and Twenty One Pilots will continue to help and blow away people with their wonderful music around the world.

“They’re really great people. They love their fans. They make amazing music. They truly touch people’s hearts,” Walker said.