Kavanaugh Justly Confirmed

Benjamin Galindo

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Brett Kavanaugh was recently accepted into the Supreme Court in a senate vote. This vote changes the shape of a Supreme Court that will now have a conservative/Republican majority with five Republican judges and four Democrat judges. The balance of the court has a big effect on the politics of the country. Kavanaugh should be allowed to stay on the court as a judge.

The main reason for Kavanaugh’s hold up is a sexual assault case that has no real proof. Eyewitness accounts are the only thing they can get as evidence and the main people who testified against him were the people that accused him. The event of Dr. Ford allegedly happened when the two were in high school. There is no physical evidence and any eye witness accounts can be easily distorted. This is the issue with old cases that have no physical evidence. Other than his alleged sexual assault, people dislike Kavanaugh for his political beliefs. You can dislike any judge for their beliefs, so I do not see why he should not be chosen for that.

Kavanaugh should not be kicked off the Supreme Court for a case that does not have significant evidence or for his political beliefs.