Mark Perkins

I’m sure it’s not surprising that a liberal draws issue with Congress’s decision to appoint Justice Kavanaugh. I’m diametrically opposed to most of the positions Mr. Kavanaugh takes, but that’s not why we’re discussing this. This discussion goes far beyond the old Liberal v. Conservative case. An alarming truth is that this recent debacle surrounding Kavanaugh is nothing new. In 1991, Anita Hill testified against current Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (her former supervisor). That nearly forgotten story ended with Mr. Thomas being sworn in and Anita Hill being left with public shame; I guess the teachers are right when they say history repeats itself.

It’s clear that most minds are already concrete in the opinion of whether Kavanaugh did what he was accused of, so I need not waste time trying to sway the pendulum. But even with this, the decision still reinforces the bad history of assault and Supreme Court justices.

The humor of this situation is Kavanaugh isn’t even a stellar candidate. There were a plethora of other choices with identical–if not better– records as him (and who lacked a shadow). Congress’s choice to nominate Kavanagh will only serve to spoon feed democrats victories in the midterms.