Female Athletes Need More Support

Allison Stuever, Reporter

For years, the female athletic department has not been given the same attention from the community as its male counterpart. Although the Lady Riders have proven their increasing excellence, there are still nowhere near as many supporters at their games.

Female sports should be given the same recognition and respect as the male sports.

Female athletes apply the same amount of effort into their sports as boys do. The Lady Rider athletic program’s hard work was proven to be successful last year as they qualified for playoffs in volleyball, basketball, and soccer. In addition, the Lady Rider track team placed 7th in the state for relays. Because of all these reasons and more, they should be given the same amount of support as the boy’s teams do.

Girls are playing the same sports as the boys and are still not given the same respect. As the Lady Riders continue to strive for success, it is vital that they are shown the same amount of support as the boys are. Even as the girls continue to show their grit and win games, they are still  hardly given any recognition within the community or student body.

Although some people claim that men’s sports are more fun to watch, it is still the same game being played, there are just different athletes involved. The same rules and regulations apply to a girls’ game as a boys’ game. Games are more fun to watch if there is an involved audience. The boys receive a much higher attendance at their games simply because they are respected more than girls regardless of the outcome of their games.

People should understand that females deserve the same credit for their achievements and begin to support them as much as the boys. This can be accomplished by showing up at the girls’ games and supporting them from the stands. In addition, the community can invest in their female athletes and raise awareness of their increasing success.