SFA UIL Academic Invitational Results

SFA UIL Academic Invitational Results

Kristen Orsak, Editor

The Academic UIL Program hosted a UIL tournament at Stephen F. Austin State University on Friday, January 24th.

The tournament consisted of 31 schools and 708 competitors in various events. This invitational was very successful and good competition for the rapidly approaching competitive season. 


Persuasive Extemporaneous Speaking –

Mark Perkins – 1st

JackCallen Watlington – 3rd

Prose Interpretation –

JackCallen Watlington – 5th

Kelsey Adair – 6th

Poetry Interpretation –

Ellie Walker – 2nd

Cross-Examination Debate –

Kristen Orsak and JackCallen Watlington – 6th

Lincoln-Douglas Debate –

Mark Perkins – 1st

Editorial Writing –

Cecily Gibson – 2nd

Ella Shires – 3rd

Trinity Moore – 5th

Headline Writing –

Ella Shires – 2nd

Feature Writing –

Cecily Gibson – 2nd

Copy Editing –

Cecily Gibson – 1st

Mathematics –

Joshua Clark – 6th

Physics –

Joshua Clark – 1st

Social Studies –

Benjamin Galindo – 3rd