JCC Members Serve Food at the Annual Chamber Banquet


Kristen Orsak, Editor

Twelve members from the Junior Chamber of Commerce and the Culinary Department served food at the annual Chamber Banquet held at the Civic Center on November 7th.

“We [The Culinary Department] have been asked for the past few years to make small dishes to serve in the VIP room of the annual Chamber Banquet,” JCC sponsor and Culinary instructor Jennifer Fausett said. “I typically ask a few JCC members to help serve the food along with a few of my students.”

The Culinary students take a day to prepare various dishes that can range anywhere from meatballs to stuffed mushrooms. These dishes are very unique and small, most being finger foods.

“I really enjoyed being a part of this,” JCC member Trinity Moore said. “This is my first year being a part of JCC, although I have been involved with it in the past. This was a cool experience that I have not been a part of before.”

The VIP room only consists of a few individuals attending the conference. They began filing in at 5:30 and then proceeded into the actual banquet room, where they would be served dinner, at 6:30.

“This is something different for the students,” Fausett said. “The students learn the names of the dishes and then cycle around the room with their trays offering food to the people.”

This was the first time serving food for a lot of the servers.

“I have gotten a lot of service hours before, but I have never been a part of something like this,” JCC member Daniela Lucio said. “It was really weird because you were serving to people who would either take food and ask a lot of questions, or you served people who just took the food and went back to their conversations.”

The students received compliments on the food along with a valuable lesson in customer service. 

“This is something we do every year,” Fausett said. “I enjoy it and so do the students. It is a neat opportunity that I plan to keep going for years to come.”