Bring Students Together with Proper Student Section

Allison Stuever, Reporter

High school football games are a prime opportunity for students to exercise their school spirit. Many students, such as myself, often find themselves searching for peers and classmates to sit with. Nearly all of the people I sat with before high school are now involved on Friday nights which leaves me to sit alone with my parents as we watch the game. 

The student body should establish a designated student section to allow the high school Roughrider fans to support our athletes in unity.

Many students who are otherwise uninvolved on Friday nights attend the football games. With nearly half of the school’s population involved in band, football, sports med and spirit groups, it can be easy to overlook the remaining population that has no designated area to spend their time at during a football game. If students were provided with a specific location full of familiar people their age, many would feel more compelled and welcome to participate in cheering on the team.

A student section would not only allow for a more involved student body, but it would give its attendees more opportunities to meet and get to know people from grades and classes other than their own. As students become more comfortable and better acquainted with their peers, the entire student body will become more unified and spirited. A happier and more engaged campus life will be the result of united students at the school. 

While some may believe that a student section would be too hard to organize, all that is required is student participation and initiative. With bleacher area as large as that of the Roughrider Stadium, there are many opportune spaces to house our attending student body collectively, therefore size and organization pose no true conflicts on the formation of a student section.

All that is left to do in order to create a Roughrider student section is to work together as a campus to designate an area of bleachers and occupy it pridefully at games. The most efficient way to organize an official student section is to work along with the school administration staff to ensure the area is dedicated primarily to the high school class. Students will be most impactful in aiding the growth of the student section through participation, use, and by encouraging their peers and friends to do the same.