‘Charming’ Fundraiser Adds Individuality to Student Badges

Begins Monday Benefitting Student Publications

Trinity Moore, Reporter

The CHS student publications staff will sell charms to put on lanyards as a fundraising for yearbook supplies. They will start selling the charms next Monday, Oct. 28, during lunch. 

“I think that these charms are so cute,” Roughrider Yearbook Staff Member Baileigh Barrera said. “There is a wide variety of options, so there is a charm for everyone. They are extremely fashionable for our not-so-popular ID badges. These charms will make IDs cool!”

Not many students enjoy wearing their badges, but with the charms the students can have a little fun with customization. 

“After Spanish Club’s success with the lanyard, I wanted to do something that added some pizzazz to the lanyards and the school badge,” Brookshire said. “The charm idea came from yearbook. I’m not exactly sure who.”

The charms will be sold at lunch once per week.

“Prices vary,” Brookshire said.“Some charms cost 25 cents, some charms go up to $1, but once you buy a single charm you get the ring for free, so you don’t have to pay for the actual ring, you just have to pay for the charms on it. If you lose or break the ring, we’d have to charge you $1 to get another one, but they are high quality and very secure. I don’t see anybody losing them.” 

StuPub has charms for every personality. 

“There are a bunch of things to choose from. We have everything from puppy dog pawprints to soccer jerseys,” Bookshire said. “We have some 2020 graduation years, we have beads, tassels, we have astrological signs. We have a lot of different stuff.”  

The charms are popular in class. Some of the Student Publication staff members have already bought themselves a few charms. 

“I really like them. I’ve already bought myself a few of them,” Brookshire said. “I have an initial for my baby and an initial for my husband because I love them. I also picked a pink tassel because Ellis, my baby, likes pink, and I think it looks cute.” 

There will be a new charms for upcoming events.

“The goal is for the ring is to be constantly growing so when it’s Christmas time there is a new Christmas charm,” Brookshire said, “or when we have the pink-out game, there’s a pink-out charm. When there’s another homecoming dance there will be a homecoming charm. There will be different things as the year goes on, and we want to introduce more casual and cute charms, but I also want charms related to what’s going on around school.” 

The fundraiser will be covered by both the Newspaper Staff and the Yearbook staff.

“I am very excited to sell and wear these adorable charms,” Barrera said. “I enjoy selling things, and I am very excited to see the student body’s reaction to this fundraiser.

“I believe people will buy them,” Barrera said. “ I think once we get the ‘trend’ started this new move will become the new style. I think the students and the teachers will jump on this unique idea.”