Poultry Festival 2019 Kicks Off with Seven Roughrider Candidates


Candidates pose with 2018 Poultry Festival Queen, Abigail Hooper

Kristen Orsak, Editor

This 43rd annual Poultry Festival Pageant will be at the Center High School Cafetorium on Saturday, Sep. 28, beginning at 6pm.

“The East Texas Poultry Festival Pageant is a scholarship pageant,” East Texas Poultry Festival Pageant Chairman, Caroline Corbell said. “At the beginning of ‘pageant season’ the candidate is given a form to fill out information about themselves and their accomplishments, which includes GPA, UIL/school honors, community involvement, interests, and hobbies.”

The pageant events have already started for the candidates. 

“I have enjoyed the first events so far,” candidate Tatum Mettauer said. “It has been a lot of fun to get to know the other girls and get outside of my comfort zone.”

The girls work hard throughout the month of September at many rehearsals and social events. 

“Throughout the month of September the candidates attend a welcome party, social event, masquerade ball, several rehearsals, Doo Dah Parade, a mother/daughter brunch, and Interviews,” Corbell said. “These events are followed by an interview with a panel of between four and seven judges from out of town.”

All of these events lead up to the big day. General admission for the 2019 Poultry Festival Pageant will be $5.

“I think that this experience is going to be a good way to prepare me for future social events and interviews,” candidate Kennedy Bush said. “It has already been a lot of fun, but it has already given me a little stress too.”

The candidates are often juggling the pageant with all of their other extracurricular activities, so it can become stressful very quickly.

“Although it is stressful, I firmly believe the girls benefit from the pageant in several different ways,” Corbell said, “Socially, etiquette, learn interview skills for college/job interviews, how to interact with others, responsibilities, poise and so much more.”

Overall, the pageant is an experience that the girls always enjoy. The candidates from past years will say that hands down.

“I participated in the pageant when it was still for senior girls,” Corbell said. “It was something that I always enjoyed, and I believe that is a beneficial experience for any girl who participates.”

The 2019 Princesses and their Escorts:

Tatum Mettauer (Center), escorted by Jase Bird (Center)

Ashleigh McKim (Joaquin), escorted by Brandon Shields (Center)

Azsahlia Cartwright (Shelbyville), escorted by X’Zavier Cartwright (Shelbyville)

CaDayasia Garrett (Shelbyville), escorted by Jakory Standley (Shelbyville)

Kristen Orsak (Center), escorted by Logan Williams (Shelbyville)

Naquila Barnes (Shelbyville), escorted by Slade Smith (Shelbyville)

Taylor Horton (Center), escorted by Jake Hanson (Center)

Paige Estes (Tenaha), escorted by Tyler Fountain (Tenaha)

Kennedy Bush (Center), escorted by Jake Liker (Center)

Morgan Jefferson (Shelbyville), escorted by Colton Crawford (Center)

Brooklinn Penning (Joaquin), escorted by Colton Kimbrough (Joaquin)

Kaitlin Williams (Center), escorted by Garren Dubea (Center)

Camryn Crouch (Center), escorted by Jack Callen Watlington (Center)

Katelyn Duvon (Center), escorted by Mason Perry (Center)