Tennis Takes Whitehouse 10-3


Varsity Tennis

Allison Stuever, Reporter

Roughrider varsity tennis defeated 5A school Whitehouse 10-3 on August 20.

“We beat them 10-3,” junior Jack Callen Watlington said. “Which for people who don’t know how tennis works, is a beating. That’s like soccer winning 12-1. It’s a pretty big deal.”

Last year Whitehouse made it to regional quarter-finals in the 5A bracket. The Roughrider Varsity Tennis team is currently ranked eighth in the state. 

“Going into it, everyone was kind of down from last year’s loss, so whenever we won in doubles and in singles I feel like it was really fun,” sophomore Sarah Scull said. “It was sort of an upset for the other team so we were all really glad about that.” 

Last year when playing Whitehouse, the Roughriders were beat 7-10.

“Being that we lost to Whitehouse last year, going into it I knew that it would be kind of a real true test for us to see where we were at,” Tennis Coach Leon Dykes said. “I was a little pleasantly surprised about how well we competed so early in the season. I knew the potential was there to beat Whitehouse, but I didn’t know we were ready to beat Whitehouse so soon in the season.”

Despite the prior loss, the Roughriders proved that they were back and better than before. 

“We weren’t really picked to win but after we all stepped on the court for the first time we were like ‘Yeah, this is our day,’ and we just kind of kicked butt,” Watlington said.

After losing nearly half a team of seniors last year, the Riders introduced many new members to their varsity team this season. 

“It was very promising because we’ve played other schools, but they haven’t been as hard as Whitehouse, so after winning against them we saw that with all of us out together we make a good team,” Scull said.

The Riders weren’t expecting Whitehouse to be an easy win, but they didn’t let that stop them from giving it their all. In the end, their effort was not in vain.

“I feel like it was really good since it’s the start of the season, and a big win like that boosts our confidence for the rest of the season,” Scull said. 

The team is scheduled to play Springhill on September 12, Kilgore on September 17 and Lindale on September 21. Although Lindale is another well known 5A school, the tennis team is prepared to put their best foot forward when the time comes to compete.