Student Body Issued Identification Badges


Emily Arcibar, Reporter

To increase security at school student ID badges have been issued to the students. 

They are for students to have so they can be identified as a student who belongs on campus,” Principal Matthew Gregory said. “It would be very easy to distinguish who is and is not supposed to be here.”  

The IDs are something important the staff really relies on.

“We are getting to a point where there’s so much traffic going on through the school,” Soccer Coach Gerardo Martinez said. “We’re on an open campus so that means anybody can literally just walk into the school so we want to remediate that by having school IDs.” 

As this year came around, the ID plan was put into action.

“We always had an ID machine, and we always had an ID ribbon and cards. We just used our supply budget to make sure we had enough for each student to have one,” Gregory said. 

All students will be required to have an ID. Replacement IDs are $5.00.

“You won’t be allowed in school if you don’t have your ID,” Martinez said. “So that’s why they’re pushing so hard for everyone to have one. Because if not then you can be sent to ISS or sent back home, but if you miss days then your parents will be held accountable for it.

The IDs are for students, and most students like to be creative and think outside the box.

“You can put them anywhere as long as it’s visible, and for personalizing them as long as it’s not inappropriate, it’s fine by me,” Gregory said.