New Yoga Club Meets on Tuesdays at Flex Lunch

Alexia Pineda
Students participate in Yoga club during flex lunch.

Biology teacher Jennifer Whittlesey is providing a new way to relax during the school day by opening a new yoga club during B lunch every Tuesday. 

”I know how kids get stressed out at school,” Whittlesey said. ”They’re bombarded with technology all day, and they may not be the best at clearing their minds, and I want to teach them how to do that.”

Yoga is a way for people to relax and help their nerves, so Whittlesey thinks that being able to do yoga during the school day is a great way for students to relax.

“I’m hoping that it will give people more of a relaxed day, and that they will be able to have an open mind and be able to focus, because yoga helps with that,” Whittlesey said. 

Not only is yoga a great way to relax and meditate, but it also helps with physical fitness, which is also one of the main reasons Whittlesey chose yoga.  

“Well yoga also helps with flexibility and your physical fitness,” Whittlesey said. “I love physical fitness, so that would be a great thing to include in the school day, and also they can do meditation while they are doing yoga.”

Whittlesey says that if you want to join yoga club, it is recommended to get your own yoga mat.

“Right now it’s in my room, but I’m hoping that I can get a bigger space,”  Whittlesey said.“Bring something comfortable. I know [students] can’t wear yoga pants, but something stretchy, and they need to have an open mind and be ready to get relaxed, and focus, and learn some new stuff.”