Dollar Water Bottles Benefit Children’s Advocacy Center

Reanna Arndt, Copy Editor

Accounting and leadership teacher Nicholas Wheeler is raising money to support the Children’s Advocacy Center by selling water bottles for $1.

“I’ve always had a heart for people who go through really hard things,” Wheeler said. “So, after hearing about the Children’s Advocacy Center how they support people who go through traumatic events, I was thinking to myself that maybe there is something we can do, and I know that financial support is not the only way to help, but I felt like that might be a good start. So, if I could just inform or get other people involved, it spreads awareness that this is a problem, and that we can help solve problems and we can help people in need who need healing and need comfort for the things that they go through.”

Wheeler got the fundraising idea from a teacher meeting that Center, Tenaha and Timpson districts all attended.

“We all met at the civic center, and there was a guest speaker who was promoting the Children’s Advocacy Center, and his story was really compelling how we should support students who go through traumatic events, such as sexual or verbal or physical and all different kinds of abuse people may face, whether it’s at home or from some encounter that may have happened.” 

In order to start fundraising, Wheeler had to get approval from the board and buy a fridge and water bottles.

“I’m a marketing teacher, and I wanted to be able to publicize this well, so I had to get the nicest products to get people to have a desire to help,” Wheeler said. “And, I needed to present signs to make it clear and evident, ‘ok, this is what we’re doing and this will help.’ Being able to market it was a financial trouble, but it wasn’t something that was too burdensome.”


Principal’s secretary Maria Mondragon is helping to handle the money raised. 

“She’s helping me to get the money,¨ Wheeler said. “She’s holding the money, essentially, for me. Then, they’re writing a check for me to give to the Children’s Advocacy Center, whenever that time comes.”

The goal is to raise $1,111 this semester.

“We’re on the right track and I’m really pleased with that,” Wheeler said. “I think students really care, and that’s helpful”

Some students have given five dollars instead, and some have given less than the dollar charge because they don’t have much money.

“I believe in the unity of people,” Wheeler said. “We got each other’s backs and love one another and that helps the world go round. The goal is to help provide comfort, help provide healing, help provide essentials that people need that they might not get at the school, or might not get at home. But rather, people who are trained and effective at doing that can help people who had traumatic events happen to them.”