StuPub to host Homecoming Dance October 12

Allison Stuever, Reporter

The Student Publications staff is hosting a homecoming dance in the high school cafeteria that will allow students of all grade levels to celebrate together on October 12.

“As someone who has taught freshman for multiple years, they’re always discouraged when they can’t go to prom, and so I thought it would be a good idea to have a homecoming dance that would allow for the entire student body to attend,” English teacher and Student Publications advisor, Sydney Brookshire said.

When someone becomes a senior, the finality of the high school experience becomes more apparent and they really want to be involved in everything. So the staff expects a high senior turnout. 

“The school has tried to have winter dances in the past and they were unsuccessful because the students didn’t buy the tickets in advance,” Brookshire said. “ So we’re hoping that if the student body gets excited about this they’ll buy the tickets quickly.” 

Tickets can be bought at the front office or room 302. They’re $10 and are small enough to fit in a wallet or phone case. As of Thursday, August 29, tickets are available for purchase and should be bought in advance. Tickets will be sold for $15 the day of the dance.

“We started talking about this dance last school year,” Brookshire said. “The student publication staff from last year started making plans, and we filled out the paperwork and got it turned in at the beginning of summer, and now everything is on the calendar and ready to go.”

The dance is following the homecoming parade on Saturday, October 12. It is the day after the homecoming game and the Student Publications staff is hopeful that students will carry their excitement over to the dance. The dance will last from 8-10 pm. 

“We’re looking for a good turnout just to get it started, and hopefully it can happen annually,” Student Publications member Baileigh Barrera said.

The dance will serve as a fundraiser for the Student Publication program.

“I have no idea why we haven’t had a homecoming dance,” Brookshire said. “The problem with these kind of events is that somebody has to be in charge of it and everybody, as an employee, is already stretched thin.”

If students are in the parade, it’s going to be a fast-paced day. Because of this, the recommended dress code will be more laid back than most school dances.

“It is somewhere between Sunday best and eighth grade dance,” Brookshire said. “In no way is this prom. It’s casual enough to be inclusive for everyone. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend blue jeans, but that’s fine,” Brookshire said.

The main goal for this dance is to allow students of all grade levels to have a good time together. The Student Publications staff has been planning the dance for months to ensure that it is nothing less than memorable for all who attend.  

“I’m actually looking forward to making the playlist, or helping create the playlist, because at a lot of school dances, they always play these random songs and hopefully we play good music,” Yearbook Editor-In-Chief Cecily Gibson said.

The dance is not going to be just music. There will be yard games in the back and an unlimited  icecream bar. They are going to have a picture taking area as well. Students can come to have a good time with their friends, hang out and enjoy everything that the dance has to offer.

“I’m excited. I have a really good group of kids, and they’re excited,” Brookshire said. “Their excitement keeps it going.”