Love, 6lack


East Atlanta Love Letter (2018), which is singer, songwriter, and rapper 6lack’s most recent album, has risen to the top of the charts in the United States, holding the number one place in America.

Ricardo Valdez Valentine, professionally known as 6lack, finally released his sophomore album after a 2-year hiatus. 6lack bounces back stronger than ever with East Atlanta Love Letter, including 6 more songs than on his debut album Free 6lack (2016), totaling out a staggering 14 songs. Unlike his debut album, 6lack introduces 4 songs that include artists Future, J. Cole, Offset, and Khalid.

With song transitions becoming a rising trend, 6lack included two transitions on songs that turned out to work beautifully together. For those who don’t know, song transitions are whenever the last few seconds of a song are similar to the beginning of the next song on the album. The first song, Unfair, gently moves into a deep bass line before snapping off into Loaded Gun with a snare and fading into a soft piano. Along with these two songs, there is another transition within the album. Let Her Go, the fourth song on the track, easily and unnoticeably transitions into Sorry with a voicemail of a woman speaking on her relationship.

6lack tweeted that he put a lot of thought into East Atlanta Love Letter, and his creative process easily sold 79 thousand albums in the first week of its release. Songs like Unfair, Loaded Gun, East Atlanta Love Letter and Seasons are sealing the deal for streamers and buyers according to their placement on the Hot R&B Songs chart. According to 6lack, he poured his soul on to this album with tracks about love, relationships, and how communication is the key to everything. There’s an amazing balance between slow piano ballads (Thugger’s Interlude) and preppy tracks that make it impossible to not sing along (Pretty Little Fears). In my opinion, it’s easy to say that this album is definitely in the top 5 albums of this year, simple as that.