Science students attend Women in Energy Program


Most sophomore girls went to Panola College in Carthage to an event called Women in Energy, where professors and employers talk and give information about the oil and gas industry to inspire girls to join what is considered a man’s job on April 24.

“Chemistry. That’s what all this event and industry is about,” professor in the school of energy/chemistry Earnest Spencer said. “I immensely enjoy this event, it is extremely informative and useful if you are interested in the oil and gas industry.”

Throughout the demonstrations and lectures, the girls were taught about the different sections in the industry and what exactly a woman does in the field.

“As women, you are not limited in the energy industry,” professor in the school of energy Laura Vance said. “There are many different jobs and opportunities that offer salaries that will fit any lifestyle.”

The girls also learned about salaries and did a reality check to see how much they need to make to live out their desired lifestyles.

   “We were delighted to attend the seminar,” science teacher Robbie Low said. “Our girls came back knowing they have several high paying career options in the energy field.”

Separated as schools, they also played relay races while being tested over what they learned.

“I was not at all interested in the energy industry before the event,” sophomore Daniela Leon said. “After all the fun ways they distributed the information and advice the people gave us, I am definitely considering. I absolutely recommend this event to all girls, whether they are interested or not.”

The following girls participated:

Kaitlyn Bailey
Anahi Castillo
Elvia Chable
Ashley Chavez
Kayla Colbey
Abigail Cooper
Malaney Cooper
Baylee Etue
Chloe Etue
K’Ayshia Evans
T’yonah Evans
Lizbeth Florencio
A’Ishala Glenn
Sydnee Haley
Macy Harvey
Veronica Hernandez
Lanie Hooks
Jerlexis Hoyt
Autumn Hughes
De’Asijah Ikner
Jamiah Jackson
Susana Jimenez
Allison Jones
Daniela Leon
La’Kasia Lister
Rebekah McGhen
Makenzie Mireles
Jayla Moore
Trinity Moore
Alexa Morales
Andrea Morales
Stefany Moreno
Ja’Kayla Parks
Rachel Parra
Alex Patton
Kym’Breon Reed
Melony Reyes
Thaw Say
Isabel Soto
Tania Suaste
Rosalina Taylor
Nohemi Vigil
Alyssa White