26th Annual Centerstage Premieres Monday


Kristen Orsak, Opinion Editor

The 26th annual Centerstage will be held in the Center Cafetorium on May 13th at 6:30.

The show is an end-of-the-year showcase that features bits from every show performed throughout the year.

“This tradition started with a student teacher,” Director Chris Watlington said. “He had done this type of thing at a different school. During the first Centerstage, we did a little 25 minute 50’s musical that featured some improv from the year. From there, it has grown.”

The admission is 3 dollars for adults and 2 dollars for students.

“I enjoy musicals,” junior cast member Nahomi Bautista said. “I really just like having a chance to be silly and goof off with the people who are like family to me.”

This performance will be a way that the department showcases what they have done all year while still bringing in a new show.

“We have chosen to play a little spoof making fun of the Avengers for this years show,” Watlington said. “It will then transition into brief moments from every show that was performed throughout the year. Then, it shifts back into a closing number about the Avengers.”

This is the typical style of the show. Tonight’s show features scenes from: The Mayflower Inn, The Broken Nose, A Comedy of Errors, and a brief word about The Void.

“Some years we get too ambitious and the show ends up being two hours long,” Watlington said. “I don’t think this show will be that way.”

The theater department has always been known for its comedic actors and actresses, but this show gives a chance for every student, from every class period, a chance to show what they have learned throughout the year.

“I hope everyone gets a chance to come out,” junior cast member Ellie Walker said. “The show should be a lot of fun.”