Packing for the Trip of a Lifetime

Senior Trip Essentials

Kristen Orsak, Opinion Editor

The senior class will travel to Pine Cove for the annual senior trip on Friday, May 3rd.

“Senior trip is always a bonding experience for the seniors,” English teacher Chris Watlington said. “I almost wish it was something we did at the beginning of the year because students always come back with a new sense of friendship. You spend about 48 hours with someone that you were once close friends with, and that allows for a connection to be reformed.”

The senior trip is a trip that every senior looks forward to. They travel to Pine Cove to participate in different games and activities with the teammates that they were assigned a few weeks prior.

“A large issue that we have run across multiple times is students forgetting things that you just don’t think about while packing for the trip,” Watlington said. “For example, many people forget sheets for the bunks, so they end up sleeping on a bare mattress because no one thinks about bringing bed sheets.”

The seniors receive a list of what to pack prior to the trip, but often times you don’t think about some common sense items. These are the items that people often forget.

“Most seniors forget to bring a towel for swimming and showers,” English teacher Sydney Brookshire said.

Often times, students simply don’t think about the simple items that are provided at hotels. Therefore, they forget these items when packing.

“My only piece of advice is to triple check your bag after packing,” former student Eugene Nunez said. “You should be fine after that.”