Experience Original Musical “The Broken Nose” Thursday, Friday


Kristen Orsak, Opinion Editor

Author Mark Perkins at Rehearsal

The original production of The Broken Nose by Mark Perkins, with music composed by Keaton Watlington, will be showcased on April 25th and 26th at 6:30.

The Broken Nose is a play that I began to play around with during my freshman year,” author Mark Perkins said. “I never expected it to come this far. It has been like watching my child grow up and graduate.”

This production will be performed by the first period theater class for the community. The cost of admission for Thursday will be $3 for adults and $2 for students. The proceeds from Thursday’s show will go to the Theater Department. The cost for Friday’s show is $5 for adults and $3 for students, with proceeds going to a community project.

“The Shelby County Historical Commision will receive the profit made at Friday’s show,” director Chris Watlington said. “The money will go towards remodeling a historical building on the square that has fallen into disrepair. Obviously, the money made at a theater show won’t pay for the entire remodel, but it will show that the community cares about the project. This will allow the commision to tap into money that the State of Texas has for projects just like these.”

Inspiration for productions on this scale is not easy to come by, but for the author of this one-of-a-kind production, it was simple.

“I actually came about the idea for a love story gone wrong while watching a Disney channel movie,” Perkins said. “It was one of the classic movies about the nerdy guy falling for the popular girl. In real life, that story does not usually have a happy ending, but of course the TV paints a different image. I began to write the exact opposite simply for a fun thing to keep my mind busy.”

In today’s time, we are surrounded by fairytale endings in literature, TV, and many other sources of entertainment. It is rare for a love story gone wrong to appear.

Composer Keaton Watlington at Rehearsal

“Mark’s show is udderly ridiculous,” lead male JackCallen Watlington said. “I will say that I am really nervous. If we stay focused, we will have the crowd rolling the whole show, but, if we don’t stay focused, it won’t even be close to the same results.”

This comedy tells the story of Brad, a love-struck teenager, and his adventure to go after the girl of his dreams. This doesn’t turn out to be very easy. That is where the comedic aspects of the show really come into the light.

“This show has become a part of me,” Perkins said. “It has gone into many directions that I haven’t expected; such as the aspect of it being a musical. Keaton Watlington wrote and recorded the soundtrack of the show, and I wrote the lyrics and play. Together, this has made a very bizarre combination and I am excited to show everyone what it has turned into.”

Everything from the set to the music is strange, a sight and sound representation of its creators.

“I don’t usually write the rock genre,” composer Keaton Watlington said. “But I wanted to make music that didn’t really match the show. We’ve written songs in such random places; on airplanes, at home, and on buses. I really hope it pays off at tonight’s show.”