2019-2020 Chaparral Line Announced

Kristen Orsak, Opinion Editor

The 2019-2020 Chaparral line has been announced after tryouts on Thursday, April 4.

“Tryouts consist of two routines that the girls must memorize and perform in front of a panel of judges,” Chaparral Sponsor Natalie Morse said. “This year we had 34 girls try out for the line, and only 22 of the girls made it.”

The tryout dance was learned on March 24th, and the girls had ten days to perfect it for the tryouts. They also learned a kick sequence on March 27th that would be a part of tryouts as well.

“Tryouts are always really nerve-wracking for me,” sophomore Cecily Gibson said. “I was lucky enough to have made it again, but there are a lot of girls who don’t get that privilege.”

The girls who make the team are decided by what is called a natural break. This is when the scores have a dramatic change. The first dramatic change is the cut off, and any girl who falls below that line does not make the team.

“This being my last tryout to become a Chaparral was very emotional,” junior Jocelyn Berry said. “I am really going to miss this family we have formed when I graduate.”

2019-2020 Chaparral Line:

Jocelyn Berry – Captain

Kristen Orsak – 1st Lieutenant

Caroline Scull – 2nd Lieutenant

Bethany Kaluza – 3rd Lieutenant

Jessica Alvarado

Aliyah Castenada

Breanna Castillo

Emily Cervantes

Emilee Elliot

Cecily Gibson

Mya Gonzalez

Stephanie Gonzalez

Cristina Hernandez

Haley Hooks

Jakievia Johnson

Angie Morales

Amelia Rogers

Monica Sandiego

Sarah Scull

Tania Suaste

Shamya Tibbs

Amiyah Williams