Academic UIL Competes at District

Kristen Orsak, Opinion Editor

The UIL Academic teams will be traveling to Regionals at Sam Houston State University on April 13th after placing second overall at UIL District.

“I’m excited to have advanced to Regionals,” sophomore Andrea Morales said. “I’m not expecting to get first place again, but for me, there is always next year. I am just going to go, do my best, and see where that takes me.”

Any individual who placed high enough to advance to Regionals will be traveling to the meet. This is anyone who placed 1st-3rd at the District meet.

“We competed pretty well at District,” UIL Coordinator Doug Moore said. “You always wish for better when you are in second place, but given our situation, we did fairly well.”

The Academic UIL teams did very well. Many individuals even advanced on to Regionals.

“I am very proud of my competitors,” Prose, Poetry, Literary Criticism, and Ready Writing Coach Pam Franklin said. “We took some pretty high placings in events across the board.”

Many team awards were awarded along with the individual awards.

“I honestly didn’t expect to receive placings at all,” sophomore Cecily Gibson said. “For me, it was shocking to hear my name called, but it also made me feel very honored.”

In any event, it is really shocking to place. This is especially the case for anyone who didn’t expect to do well. There are 5 schools in our district. Each school can put three students in each event. That is at least 15 kids in every event, and only three kids advance on to regionals.

“I think I could do better,” sophomore Ella Shires said. “As a competitive person I always want to do better, but I didn’t perform my best at District.”

Many individuals who competed at District had never done the events before.

“I feel like I did fairly well,” junior Lesly Gonzalez said. “It was my first year doing Poetry and I still placed 5th.”

All of the students did well even if they didn’t place. The amount of time these students put in is what gets them to where they are.

“I am extremely proud of all of the students who traveled with us and competed,” Moore said. “We could always use more competitors and more coaches, but we have managed to do well despite the circumstances.”

Results from District:

Calculator Applications-

Joshua Clark 4th – Regional Alternate

Computer Applications-

Scarlett Shires 5th

Computer Science-

Joshua Clark 1st – District Champion, Regional Qualifier

Brisa Guevara 2nd – Regional Qualifier

Scarlett Shires 3rd – Regional Qualifier

Center – 1st Place Computer Science Team

Editorial Writing-

Reanna Arndt 3rd – Regional Qualifier

Trinity Moore 4th – Regional Alternate

Cecily Gibson 5th

Feature Writing-

Andrea Morales 1st – District Champion, Regional Qualifier

Dalton Snider 2nd – Regional Qualifier

Rachel Guidry 3rd – Regional Qualifier

Headline Writing-

Reanna Arndt 4th – Regional Alternate

News Writing-

Andrea Morales 1st – District Champion, Regional Qualifier

Celeste Gibson 2nd – Regional Qualifier

Cheyenne Byrnes 4th – Regional Alternate

Center – 1st Place Journalism Team

Informative Speaking-

Obed Lopez 5th

Literary Criticism-

Celeste Gibson 2nd – Regional Qualifier


Joshua Clark 2nd – Regional Qualifier

Number Sense-

Joshua Clark 4th – Regional Alternate

Persuasive Speaking-

Mark Perkins 3rd – Regional Qualifier

Esther Mergerson 4th – Regional Alternate

Poetry Interpretation-

Kristen Orsak 1st – District Champion, Regional Qualifier

Jack Callen Watlington 4th – Regional Alternate

Lesly Gonzalez 5th

Prose Interpretation-

Keaton Watlington 1st – District Champion, Regional Qualifier

Ellie Walker 5th

Center – 2nd Place Speech Team

Ready Writing-

Cecily Gibson 1st – District Champion, Regional Qualifier

Celeste Gibson 5th


Scarlett Shires 2nd – Regional Qualifier

Social Studies-

Ella Shires 4th – Regional Alternate

Center High School – District Runner Up