Captain Not-So-Marvelous

Benjamin Galindo, Website Manager

Captain Marvel is the most recent addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) that has been building since the first Iron Man movie back in 2008. The movie comes right before one of the most anticipated movies of the year, Avengers: End Game. For a movie that is building up to such a movie it is amazingly average.

The movie began its run with a 154 million dollar weekend, making it the 7th best opening weekend for the MCU. It was shy of Iron Man 3 which made 174 million opening weekend and just barely made it past Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 which made 146 million. Even with its impressive numbers, Captain marvel has several issues that hold it back from being great.

The movie opens up with a first act completely in space. The pacing in this act is pretty bad and kind of throws you in. It does not clearly set up what everyone’s goals are nor does it have a good hook. You go into this movie with no knowledge of the current version and very limited knowledge of the Cree, the people who have a major role in the movie. They are shown at the begging, but they are only shown again as something to move the dragging plot foreword.

Speaking of dragging plot, the plot uses older characters in a boring way. Particularly Nick Fury which through the movie I can only say he really likes a cat and said cat is a major plot device. He is used mainly for the advancement of the plot but never actually has any interactions that are entertaining.

Nick Fury’s bad usage is no surprise though as the main character, Captain Marvel herself is boring and one dimensional. There is no personality trait that could easily describe her because she has no personality. The only interesting part about her is the identity crisis she is having which the plot throws away without her actually having to struggle for it.   

The last half of the movie was what I would call cliche. Girl is put down, she gains power and shows everyone that she is strong. Captain Marvel herself never shows any real personality besides not having one. She is really boring to watch in interactions but what saves all this is the fight scene. While kind of short it really showed her trying to use a power she has held back and she couldnt use it in a great way. She messes up and she stumbles but she still is able to fight.

The actual movie’s ending did not feel rushed because the whole thing feels boring. When the ending happens you are like, “yeah, it ended but it honestly does not matter.” You could care less that it ended because it does not feel meaningful unless you just really wanted to get the movie over with.

Captain Marvel is a cliche movie. It did not have the humor of Guardians of the Galaxy, and even Ant Man felt like more was at stake. It was better than Thor the Dark World though and was less confusing than Doctor Strange. It was the most okay Marvel movie with it neither nothing to stand out and make it amazing but at the same time it was not bad. It found a strange middle ground that made it not something to rewatch but it was not a waste of an evening. If you are preparing for Avengers: End Game I would say watch it. If not I would say there are other movies to better spend your time on.