Watch What You Say on Social Media

Watch What You Say on Social Media

Mike Corbett

Trinity Moore, Reporter

Just recently, a principal was placed on leave because of a racial slur he/she posted on Facebook. People carelessly put things on social media for anyone to see and are not concerned with how it will jeopardize their careers or lives. All types of social media have people who voice their negative thoughts without caring about the consequences. Fifty-seven percent of Americans have said something on commonly used social media and they soon regret it. Twenty percent of millennials are usually the ones that usually say something controversial.  A study shown most common regretted posts on Facebook deals with race, religion, disabilities, politics, and sex. Most contain profanity.

To cause fewer problems people should take what they want to say under consideration before they actually say something.

Though many may think speaking your mind has minor to no consequences, it actually can ruin your chances to get a good job. Racism is one thing people speak their mind on. Giving a racist opinion is wrong, it is not accepted and is never going to be accepted. Once something is said, it can not be taken back. This obviously makes it harder to obtain a job. Nobody wants to hire someone who has prejudices problems. The employer may be worried about problems happening in their working area and tend to avoid it to have a successful business. Racism is not the only thing that can ruin your chances of getting a job; making fun of the disabled people will definitely obliterate your chances of getting a job. The mentally and physically disabled people have been through too much to have people who have not faced their problems and make fun of them.

Not only does making fun of people with difficulties ruin reputations, but it also makes people feel miserable about themselves. It also causes hate too and that is a giant problem, by trying to get their points across people to cause disruptions in their community. Separation of people and a rise of tension. It is really unsafe, and people can become physically violent. A Lot of people can lose their lives due to it, like problems with the police.

People have the freedom of speech but some things should be left unsaid.