One Act Play Advances to Area

Kristen Orsak, Opinion Editor

The One Act Play Cast and Crew will attend Area One Act Play Competition on Saturday, April 6th, at Centerville High School.

“Contest went pretty well,” One Act Play Director Chris Watlington said. “Their performance was the best one we have had. The nerves probably did a lot for that.”

The One Act advanced to Area for the first time in many years. They were also awarded a few individual awards: Keaton Watlington as All Star Cast, Mark Perkins as All Star Cast, Kelsey Adair as Honorable Mention All Star Cast, and Jada Gregg as All Star Crew.

“This was my senior year,” senior member of the cast Keaton Watlington said. “I was a little upset at the fact that I didn’t have a chance to receive Best Actor, but I am really proud of the shows overall results.”

Many members of the cast and crew were in tears when Center was called as an Advancing Play. It was a very emotional time for many of them.

“I had the honor of being awarded Honorable Mention All Star Cast,” junior member of the cast Kelsey Adair said. “When they called my name, it took me a minute to realize what had just happened because I knew that my performance was good for me, but I had no clue the judges would notice as well.”

The play is performed for a panel of three judges but only one judge decided the acting awards, so being awarded any individual award is a huge honor.

“I am incredibly proud of every member of our cast and crew,” Chris Watlington said. “They have all worked incredibly hard, and maybe this show will be the one to make it even further than ones in the past.”

Area will be held at Centerville High School on Saturday, April 6th. Any person who would like to attend is allowed to come and watch the performance.

“The support from our town in much greater than we ever expect it to be,” junior cast member Ellie Walker said. “I am really happy that so many people came to the home show to show their support, and I hope people will be seeing a lot more of us in the future.”