Academic Team takes 2nd Place Sweepstakes at Sabine Pass

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Academic Team takes 2nd Place Sweepstakes at Sabine Pass

Kristen Orsak, Opinion Editor

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On Saturday, March 2, the UIL academic and speech teams competed at the annual Sabine Pass Tournament.

“I personally love the Sabine Pass trip every year,” UIL Debate Coach and UIL Director Doug Moore said. “It’s always a lot of fun because we get to leave on Friday due to the trip being so long, so we miss a day of school to get there early.”

The teams competed very well, and Center took home multiple medals along with a 2nd Place Sweepstakes trophy.

“We competed very well this year,” Poetry and Prose, Literary Criticism, and Ready Writing Coach Pamela Franklin said. “We never really expect to win the Sabine Pass trip because it is such a difficult competition, but we did put up a fight this year.”

Students always enjoy this trip because of the overnight factor of the trip.

“This was the first UIL meet that I’ve ever been to,” sophomore journalism competitor Andrea Morales said. “I placed first in two of my events, which was a really big shock for me. I never expected to go and win. I just went for the experience.”

We also received 2nd place journalism team overall. Every event competed well considering the level of difficulty at this conference, but it is about the experience, not the rankings.

“I didn’t advance in Prose,” junior prose competitor Ellie Walker said. “It is never fun to not rank as high as you wanted to, but seeing how it all works in a competitive environment before district is always a good thing.”

This was the last meet until district, so it’s a meet that consists of just the competition teams for Center.

“This is the only meet of the year that I only bring the individuals who will be competing with us,” Moore said. “I do that so that the coaches can see how well their team does when it is just the few people who are able to compete at district. This is the last chance at a competitive practice, and it worked out well this year.”

Persuasive Speaking: Keaton Watlington 3rd; Mark Perkins 4th
Informative Speaking: Kristen Orsak 6th
Prose: Keaton Watlington 1st; Chris Byndom advanced to Semifinals
Poetry: JackCallen Watlington 3rd; Kristen Orsak 5th
2nd Place Speech Team
Feature Writing: Andrea Morales 1st; Dalton Snider 6th
Editorial Writing: Andrea Morales 1st; Reanna Arndt 3rd
Headline Writing: Reanna Arndt 4th
2nd Place Journalism Team
Math: Josh Clark 3rd