Zooming Into the Future with Electric Cars

Zooming Into the Future with Electric Cars

Ferdinand Ostrop

Lena Amburn, Opinion Editor

With technology advancing and spreading every day, new inventions are sparking up a possible solution to the biggest problem across the world: global warming. Fossil fuels, while being a successful form of energy for the human populace, have been polluting the planet for hundreds of years, and it is coming back to bite us.

Electrical energy has been advancing over the past few years and has surpassed the point where it is possible to own a car that is powered solely by electricity. This could be a solution to reducing our carbon print and lowering the pollution rate not only throughout the country, but internationally.

Unlike your regular petrol/diesel vehicle, electric cars are easier to maintain and cheaper to run. According to Ergon Energy, electric cars use about a third as much per kilometer (roughly two miles) as buying gas for a regular car. This means that you get a lot more out of the battery in an electric car than you would a regular car, so you can go further in an electric car before having to stop to recharge the battery. Not only are electric vehicles more cost efficient to the consumer, but also cost way less to maintain than a regular vehicle does. In an electric car, the only thing you truly have to maintain is the tires, breaks, and suspension. With a regular car, on the other hand, you have to maintain not only those three components, but so many more parts. To put it short, electric vehicles would definitely save you some cash.

Electric vehicles are also incredibly helpful to the environment! According to the Environmental Protection Agency, regular gas and diesel vehicles are the cause of 75% of carbon monoxide pollution in the United States. This pollution is from exhaust emissions. Electric vehicles, according to Ergon Energy, lack the parts required to cause any sort of exhaust emission, leaving them with zero exhaust emission at all. Choosing to recharge your electric car with renewable energy, like solar energy, would reduce your emission even further!

Some will argue that while an electric car is cost efficient and helpful to the environment, it takes too long to charge the batteries and is a waste of time. Yes, charging your car battery will take a bit longer than pumping gas, but it does not take as long as you might think. With rapid chargers, which are usually found at motorway service stations, you can get up to 80% of your car’s battery life back within 30 minutes. Not only are those available at service stations, but there are chargers throughout public space and workplaces in cities! You would be able to charge your car while you are at the park, at work, or even at the movie theater. This public charger typically provides 30 miles of range in one hour. You also have the option to purchase a home charger, making it easier to get a full battery for the days ahead. Additionally, some will also argue that there are no ways to charge an electric car in Center, but as electric cars grow in popularity, there may eventually be chargers in various places across town.

Electric cars are definitely something to consider if you are serious about reducing your imprint on the environment. They are not only helpful to the environment, but to the animals and people that live in said environments. This kind of vehicle would reduce the risk of contracting an illness associated with air pollution and would be helping the planet out in the long run!