Culinary Chocolate Strawberries


Brooke Lark

Olivia Johnson, Sports Editor and Yearbook Editor-In-Chief

The culinary classes will stop accepting chocolate covered strawberries orders on February 8.

“Our goal is to sell 400 dozen strawberries,”culinary instructor Jennifer Fausset said. “We are only going to dip for 6 hours which means we have to dip around 800 strawberries an hour.”

With such high goals for sales, 75 pounds of chocolate and 34 cases of strawberries will be used in the making of the strawberries.

“This year we are going to have a drive-thru open in the circle drive for businesses or parents to pick up their chocolates from 9-3,” Fausset said. “Students will be able to pick up their chocolates after school till 4 p.m.”

Customers will have the option to buy vanilla, chocolate, or a combination of flavors.

“I used to live in Austin and there was bakery there that made them too,”  Geometry teacher Dan Hodge said. “They’re as good as that place and they used to sell out in minutes.”

Along with paper order forms, an online order form will be available to those interested in buying the strawberries.

“The profits from the ten-dollar-per-dozen strawberries will go back into the student account to be available for culinary purchases,” Fausset said.

Order your strawberries with the link here.