The Cure To Loneliness

Album Art

Album Art

Andrea Morales, Reporter

Sajeeb Saha, a dance and electronic music producer, will be releasing his second debut album, The Cure To Loneliness, on April 5.

Saha was born on November 1,1991 in Bangladesh and started making and experimenting with music in 2011 under the name No Pets Allowed until 2014. He now goes under the name Jai Wolf, because he wanted to start making his own music after his remixes and mashups, while under the name No Pets Allowed, started getting recognized.

Other than the upcoming album, he released his first album, Kindred Spirits in 2016, and has 5 singles: “Indian Summer” (2015), “Drive” (2016), “Like It’s Over” (2016), “Starlight” (2017), and “Lost” (2018).

According to an article published on YourEDM written by Matthew Meadow, Jai Wolf said,“In my heart, this album is me. From the sounds to the lyrics, it’s everything that I’ve always wanted to do.”

The Cure To Loneliness will include 12 tracks, from which he has already dropped two, “Lose My Mind” and “Telepathy” on Jan. 14.

“I was so excited when I found out that he’d be releasing a new album,” sophomore Trinity Moore said. “Then he drops those two songs and “Lose My Mind” makes me lose my mind, because it’s kind of different from what he normally plays. It was a very nice surprise.”