Powerlifting Travels to the First Meet of the Year

Kristen Orsak, Opinion Editor


The Powerlifting team traveled to Malakoff on Saturday, January 19, to compete in their first lift of the year.

“The team did very well this weekend,” Head Powerlifting Coach Ronald Marks said. “We had multiple lifters place.”

The results from the first meet were: Kailan Randle, Pel Htoo, and Chandler Jones all took 1st in their weight classes and Miriam Almaguer took 3rd in her weight class.

“I was proud of my results from this weekend,” Htoo said. “But I know I can definitely improve. My goal is to make it to state this year.”

The people who attended the Malakoff meet were Jocelyn Berry, Miriam Almaguer, Talya Davis, Makenna Gipson, Jazmin Guevara, Pel Htoo, Jakieria Johnson, Kailan Randle, Ja’Christopher Crawford, Dekylin Hoyt, and Chandler Jones.

“We have been practicing since a little after Thanksgiving Break,” Marks said. “For our first meet, we did well. There will definitely be some improvement, but I plan on taking kids to state this year.”

The style of a typical powerlifting meet is much different than most sports. The lifters will have 3 tries of deadlifts, squats, and benchpresses. The highest weight they lift in each category contributes to their final ranking.

“I am not even close to where I want to be,” Almaguer said. “I know that going to state will require me to push myself further with every practice.”

Powerlifting is considered a mind game by many people, but this is definitely true when you see kids lifting double and triple their body weight.

“I think our team can do very well in the future,” Marks said. “We just have to keep pushing, but there is definitely potential for the next two meets before regionals.”