Theater 1 Performs Comedic Improv for the First Time

Kristen Orsak, Opinion Editor


The Theater 1 classes performed a 40-minute improv show to showcase what they have learned during 2nd and 7th period on Wednesday, January 16th.

“We started comic improv a week before Christmas break,” Theater Teacher Chris Watlington said. “We began preparing this show when we got back from Christmas break.”

This is the first live show that the Theater 1 students ever perform in. The department has done a live show showcasing comedic improv learned in class every year since 1973.

“This was a good way to work on the nerves of performing,” Freshman Performer Ariel Liker said. “I was super excited for the show. I love performing, especially with improv.”

Stage fright is something all first-time theater students deal with: this show is a way to cope with that in a simple and fun way.

“We had close to 140 people in the audience for the 7th period show,” Watlington said. “It was like a flow of water that we couldn’t stop.”

The show consisted of 5 comedic improv games: Freeze, Mood Swings, ABC Game, Tag Rhyme, and Replay.

“My favorite game is Freeze,” Freshman Performer Alexia Pineda said. “I love it because you can make it as wacky and fun as you want. It gives you a lot more freedom than some of the games.”

Theater 1 gives students a beginning knowledge of the basic terms in theater. This gives the students a chance to eventually join the Theater Production Team and the One Act Play Cast and Crew, if they choose to do so.

“I love theater,” Freshman Performer Brylee Ross said. “I really want to move into One Act Play next year. Theater 1 gives me a chance to learn the basics so I am prepared.”