Ponder named Athletic Director


Jose Sanchez

Athletic Director Scott Ponder

Cheyenne Byrnes, Editor-In-Chief

Scott Ponder accepted the position of Athletic director previously held by Barron Bowman January 17.

“I’m going to be learning the kids and the coaches and the teachers and getting out to meet as many people as I can,” Athletic Director Ponder said. “Not just football players but all athletes and students in general just to try to get everybody behind us and fired up and ready to be a Roughrider.”

An additional change in the athletic program is head basketball coach Douglass Boone will also be the Girl’s Athletic Coordinator.

I think that anytime ‘fresh eyes’ come into a program it gives the chance to see things that need to be done to help the people involved be more successful,” Boone said. “So I think with the experience and success that Coach Ponder and myself have had in our respective careers, we will have the opportunity to build on the things that have already been accomplished at Center.”

A mid-year change within the program is not common. The winter and spring sports will continue with no further changes to the coaching staff.

“My biggest goal for the winter sports is to finish strong and represent well,” Boone said. “For the spring sports, I would like for it to be an easy and smooth transition for everyone involved.”

Athlete participation in pep rallies will begin again following a four year hiatus.

“We want the kids to have the same experience everybody else is gonna have,” Ponder said. “Playing high school football is an awesome experience. Being a high school athlete is an awesome experience, and we want them to be able to enjoy every bit of that, so we’re all for being in the pep-rally.”

The change in leadership and an increase in pep rally enthusiasm should contribute towards all athletic endeavors.

“We want to build a program that is second to none in the state of Texas in everything that we do,” Ponder said. “We want to have a program that is a championship caliber program in everything.”