Center Vs Carthage


Junior Jayden Hicks shooting a floater

Leonardo Ariza, Reporter

After losing multiple games on the road, Center Roughriders wanted to turn things around at home. Roughriders were up against Carthage Bulldogs, and after four very competitive quarters Roughriders were unable to pull out the win for the home crowd. The last few minutes of the game decided the outcome.

Junior JaKerrion Watson leading the fast break.

Carthage Bulldogs started things off by winning the opening toss. Right after a missed shot from Carthage, Center Roughrider Devon Robinson made a quick layup taking the lead 2-0. Carthage answers back with a 3 pointer taking the lead 3-2. After the made three from Carthage, Center Roughrider Jayden Hicks made a floater with 5:50 remaining in the first period. Following the basket, Hicks forced a steal and made a layup on the other end of the court but was fouled. Hicks converted the one free throw, taking a five-point lead. Carthage made a quick layup after the free throw. After the basket Roughriders called a timeout with 3:30 left. Following the timeout, Hicks made a mid-range jumper making the score 9-6. Carthage refusing to go away knocked down a 3 pointer tying the game with 2:25 left. After the basket, Center Roughrider Marques Hall passed the ball to Robinson for an easy layup taking the lead. Carthage came back with a layup of their own tying the game at the end of the first period 11-11.

The Rough Riders would have a very low scoring, but close and competitive second period. Roughriders were only able to score 7 points in the second period. Even though they weren’t scoring a lot, no one seemed to be able to take the lead. It was back and forth throughout the period. Roughriders only allowed Carthage to score 9 points. At end of the second period, Carthage Bulldogs lead the Roughriders 20-18.

If the second period was close and contested then the third period was no different. After not playing during the second period, Hicks continued his dominance from the first period. Hicks scored 12 points in the third and together as a team, they scored a total of 14 points. Hicks was really leading the way for the Center Roughriders. Carthage still not giving up, scored a total of 15 points. Both teams were shooting the ball well but no one seemed to be able to pull away. At the end of the third period, Carthage lead 35-32 heading into the fourth period.

Senior Devon Robinson looking to pass the ball.

At the beginning of the fourth period, both teams were still competing, but neither was able to pull away. After Carthage made a basket to take the lead 41-35, Roughriders decided to call a timeout with five minutes remaining. After the timeout, Robinson was fouled while shooting. He was able to convert both of the free throws. Carthage was also fouled but they were only able to convert one free throw. Following the free throws, Center Roughrider JaKerrion Watson scored a layup, making it a two-possession game. After the layup, Carthage made three consecutive baskets taking a firm ten point lead with 1:25 remaining. Roughriders fighting to stay in it, Hicks passed the ball to Robinson for a layup. After some missed Carthage free throws, Hicks made a quick layup. Following the basket, Carthage scored a layup but was fouled. Carthage converted the free throw and the sound of the buzzer ended the game with Carthage winning 51-42.