CHS Student Goes Viral

Leonardo Ariza, Rachel Guidry, and Noriel Barnes

Leonardo Ariza, Reporter

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Center High School student Jonathan Bustos recently uploaded a video to YouTube of him rapping that received thousands of views overnight.

“My inspiration for music came from being in the band,” Jonathan Bustos said. “I like being in band, and I love being able to play my trombone. I loved it so much I was able to become the best trombone player in the school. After that, my interest for music became stronger. I started to listen to more music and I couldn’t help but just feel what I listen too. It inspired me to be able to create my own music and also have an impact on people.”

Not only did Bustos make the lyrics, but he also created the beat.

“I made the beat with only my phone, which is really old. So I had to download an app where I could get an instrumental,” Bustos said. “They were all free, but none of them were good. So I found this other app, but it cost 15 dollars. I still ended up buying it because I really wanted to start creating music.”

Bustos plans on creating music for as long as possible.

“It didn’t just become a hobby,” Bustos said. “I actually want to have a career in the music industry and I can’t wait to do that in the future, so I started making music really early. I will keep creating music and I would really like to do it for a living.”

After several positive reviews from peers, Bustos was very motivated to continue.

“After all the positive reactions from my first song going public, it motivates me to keep doing what I love,” Bustos said.

There is one specific reason Bustos decided to make that song.

“I want my music to have an impact on people like how it impacted me,” Bustos said. “I knew that it would have to be relatable to other people not just about me, so that’s why I wrote a song about depression.”

Student Needs Liaison Ashley Wulf had positive thoughts on the song.

“I feel like the song was very insightful,” Wulf said. “It struck an emotional chord with me, because to actually hear him put into words what so many kids come and tell me is like a sad-beauty. I don’t remember it word-for-word but there is a part in there where he talks about being tired, like being tired of putting on a fake face. I don’t think people realize how much life that sucks out of you to feel like you have to do that all the time. That’s probably the part that I appreciated that most about the whole song, and what I would like to bring to light.”

Rachel Guidry witnessed Bustos’ progress while creating the song.

“A few months ago he got interested in music production and found an app on his phone to make beats,” Guidry said. “He began playing around with different stuff to learn how to work it,  but I guess he found some stuff he liked. I was super excited that he was actually bringing his dreams to life. He showed me the lyrics and then decided to record it for youtube. It was so cool to see him actually showing everyone what he had been working on. I’m proud of him for blowing up at CHS and seeing everyone support him.”

Other students thoroughly seemed to enjoy the music.

“I felt that song. The lyrics were good and I really liked it,” Obed Lopez said. “I would download it if i could. I really hope he makes more music. He really is great when it comes to music. The last verse was really good. It’s my favorite, even though it sounds kind of dark, it’s still my favorite.”

Oscar Galvan had similar emotions.

“It’s a good song, the lyrics are beautiful and everything sounds alright,” Galvan said. “My favorite verse would probably be the “people always ask me if I’m alright/ the only thing I tell them is that I’m fine.”

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