That Sounds Like A Plan

Lena Amburn, Opinion Editor

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There is usually one day during the week when deadlines and assignments are thrown at everyone, especially high school students. When you have eight classes a day, things can easily get put on the back burner. It can be hard to remember what assignments students have to do whenever they get home after a long day at school. Planners are a great way to remember what needs to be done and what can sit on the back burner for another day or two.

Planners are definitely handy when you have to learn different topics every 45 minutes throughout the day. A lot of information can be given to a student throughout the day and these little notebooks can help a busy student manage their time and serve as a reminder of deadlines, important dates, and what they need to do for that day. They are definitely one of the best ways to keep you organized.

Planners usually have a calendar with tabs separating the different months, along with sections for each day so you can write what you have to do throughout the day. Being able to write down exactly what needs to be done helps with time management and meeting deadlines. According to Psychology Today, planners help improve time management and productivity by allowing you to schedule every task. Scheduling these events and tasks helps you get on your grind and move on to the next thing that needs to be done.

Not only do planners help with time management and productivity, but they are also an excellent way to relieve stress, especially after a long day of receiving assignments. According to Psychology Today, stress typically comes from the feeling of being overwhelmed or having too much on your plate at one time. Outside influences can also add stress onto someone. One effective way to get rid of the stress of having task after task piled up on your plate is to schedule time in your planner to get them finished throughout the day or week. For example, take some time to study while eating lunch, work on assignments during free time in class, and then finish them before dinner rolls around. Be sure to check your planner to get an idea of what you have to do tomorrow and maybe even start on some things you have planned for the next day.

Many people, like Sam Laura Brown, who is a mindset coach and personal development blogger, believe that planners are useless and kind of ridiculous. “Planning to be productive every second of every day is a formula for failure,” she says. No matter what kind of plans are made, there will always need to be adjustments. Some things could take longer than expected, and that is why the best strategy to use when using a planner is writing your list in order of importance. More important tasks go at the top and less important, those that are more lenient with time at the bottom.

In conclusion, people should start using planners more. Planners can help one build up time management skills that they may be lacking and can definitely help with productivity, alongside many more benefits!