The Debate Is Heating Up: Climate Change Is BAD!

Lena Amburn, Opinion Editor

Climate change has not been a big cause for worry until now. Glaciers all over the world have been melting, due to rising temperatures in the sea. Not only that, but flora (plants) and fauna (animal) populations have been decreasing as well. Despite these facts provided by numerous science facilities and programs (i.e. NASA and National Geographic), some people still do not believe that climate change is a big threat to the health and flourishing of the planet.

Climate change should be considered a huge threat to not only life on earth, but to the planet as well. It causes a lot of problems that are not only difficult to reverse but are also scary.

Climate change has been causing many differences all across the globe to not only fauna population but also to the weather. Heat waves have struck us hard here lately, and it is mostly due to climate change. According to the Center For Climate And Energy Solutions, the daily record high temperatures have been occurring twice as often as the record lows. If solutions are not being made by midcentury, then humans should expect to see 20 record high temperatures to one record low. Not only do we have to worry about heat waves, but more intense hurricanes as well. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, new research shows that a storm like Hurricane Harvey, which used to occur every 100 years, has been occurring roughly every 16 years.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, the world’s fauna population has dropped about 60% in the past 44 years due to climate change. With the polar ice caps melting, polar bears are being forced to fight starvation (National Geographic). Polar bears rely on seals to meet their calorie intake. Before the ice caps started melting, polar bears would hunt by slapping the seals from “land” whenever they came up to breathe. The “land,” however, was polar ice. Not only do polar bears have to worry about climate change, but so do other animals like the Adelie penguin. These penguins rely on krill that feed at the bottom of ice sheets, and with ice depleting, so is the krill population. This has been forcing the penguins to migrate farther to find food, according to National Geographic.

Despite scientists providing new facts and proving that climate change has been changing the world entirely, some people do not believe that climate change is important enough to combat right now. Many know and understand that the human population contributes greatly to climate change. However, many experts have proven the existence of climate change and the human population is only making the cycle of climate change worse.

Needless to say, climate change is an alarming factor not only because of the fact that it is affecting the weather, but because it is causing numerous fauna populations to degrade quickly and come face to face with extinction.