Is the #MeToo Movement Affecting Real Change?


Is the #MeToo Movement Affecting Real Change?

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January 11, 2019


Following Weinstein and Kavanaugh, the #MeToo movement has allowed countless individuals to come forward about abuse that would have been forgotten or ignored- but does this hashtag actually generating real change?

The #MeToo Movement Is Making a Difference

The Me Too movement is on the rise with women taking a stand and telling their stories of being violated and harassed. Many stories have inspired others to come forward, despite being ridiculed and denied the right to justice.

This movement is really affecting change by giving those who silently suffer long, overdue justice by putting guilty men behind bars.

In the famous case of Brett Kavanaugh, the women who accused him were mocked and discredited. However, when the women worked together, they were heard. Although they did not get the justice they expected, they still brought attention to the Me Too movement.
Some may say that this movement is just making things worse by causing more problems and making it hard to be a man. However, it has always been hard to be a woman. It is time for justice and time to speak up on men who believe they can get away with anything just because they think they can use women.

The Me Too movement has shown a significant amount of change by giving women a safe workspace and environment. Women no longer have to be afraid to finally have a bigger voice in society.

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