Current Events Do Not Effect Terrorist Acts

Mark Perkins, Contributing Writer

The question is not whether current events influence extremism, the question asks do current events cause extremism–that question requiring a much more complex and developed answer. The foundational element of extremism–the origin point from which it originates–is unhealthy pride.

Pride comes in two forms: personal and external. Personal pride is more recognizable; the town baker is proud that he baked the most delicious cake. External pride is found in achievements that we had no part in; pride in ancestry or nationality, for instance. What happens is fundamentalists view whatever they’ve attached themselves to as superior to other backgrounds. If you view your position as superior and ‘their’ position as inferior, how far of a jump would it be to ensure your team wins by any means necessary?

If current events were the sole cause of terrorism then terrorists wouldn’t populate history books. From Barbarians to Hitler and Bin Laden, current events are not their link. Reasons for extremism shift, but the cause of hatred remains concrete. Bigots and fear mongers will continue to produce pain and suffering regardless of the week’s headlines. Terrorism persists because the ideologies of supremacy persist.