CHS Theater Opened Ralph Breaks the Internet at the Rio

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CHS Theater Opened Ralph Breaks the Internet at the Rio

Kristen Orsak, Opinion Editor

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The theater department performed The Mayflower Inn for the community on the Rio stage, Tuesday, December 8th.

“We originally added the stage to the Rio in 1996 to allow Percy Sledge to perform here,” Rio Owner Nita Adkison said.

The stage has allowed the Rio to let many performance groups come in throughout their years of business. It is a good way to bring in new customers and profits for the theater.

“Chris has performed here before,” Adkison said. “It has always gone well, and it benefits both us and the department, so we don’t mind.”

This is a good experience for the theater department because they get to see behind the scenes of the Rio, and perform somewhere new.

“The show went very well,” director Chris Watlington said. “We had good reactions, good attendance, and an overall good performance.”

The Mayflower Inn attracted people from all over Shelby County to come and watch the theater program perform. The show consisted of bipolar maids, confused owners, controlling families, crazy ladies, blind men walking, strange couples, and so many more combinations.

“I loved the ‘quirky’ humor of the show,” audience member and youth minister Tyler Keese said. “Showing the students support is a huge part of the ministry. I want them to know and that they are loved and worth showing up for.”

The audience varied from family members to friends, to people of the community, and so many more. The crowd was very supportive of the theater department throughout the show.

“I loved the show,” audience member Alayna Scull said. “I came to show some of my friends some support. I didn’t expect it to be so funny, but I was definitely shocked.”

There were many laughs throughout the show. The cast kept the audience captivated and involved using weird humor and catchphrases.

“I am a sucker for live theater,” Keese said. “I think that the show was a nice touch leading to the feature film. The setting that the Rio provided couldn’t have been any better.”