Physics Classes Seek Aid through Donors Choose

Cheyenne Byrnes, Editor-In-Chief

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Junior Physics classes are asking for donations to increase the amount of technology they have available in lab experiments.

“We’re raising money for science equipment that can be used in our classrooms,” physics teacher Traci Galindo said.

Donating is available through; both companies and individuals can donate any tax deductible amount.

“The first grant was totally funded. Lockheed Martin funded most of it. We have gotten some equipment and we have already been able to do several labs on it,” Galindo said.

New technology such as a centripetal force vernier, force plate vernier probe, dynamics system, and rotary motion system are being used to help the students collect distance and velocity data quicker and more accurately than before.

“We recently started using them.” junior AP physics student Jocelyn Berry said. “I enjoyed the quick, automatic processing of the graphs when we used the new carts and tracks.”

Students are enjoying new technology and are excited to continue receiving more as the grants are funded.

“Anyone can donate!” Galindo said. “People just need to go to the web site, pick our project, and press donate. They will need a credit card, but we appreciate $5 and $10 donations as well as big ones!”

Donate online here.

Editor’s Note: In a previous version of this story, Lockheed Martin was credited with fulfilling the grant entirely following a misquotation by the reporter. Upon further review of the recorded interview, the quote has been fixed. The company funded most of the grant, but did not donate the entire amount. There is documentation of every quote in the above interview.