Art Club Paints Murals for Little Rider Academy


Andrea Morales

The jungle theme in another infant room at F.L.Moffet

Andrea Morales, Reporter

Following a request by the director of the Little Rider Academy (LRA), the Art Club has donated time by painting murals every Saturday beginning Nov. 3.

“We’re making a change by adding color, style, and feelings to the room,” Art Club sponsor Joella Summerlot said.

Art Club is providing their talent for free, but the students involved are being rewarded with many other benefits.

“I get to hang out with a great group of people, get [volunteer] hours, get experience, I get out of the house, and I get to promote Art Club by painting fun art,” senior Chandler Cartwright said.  

This year they painted a jungle theme including a giraffe, two cranes, an elephant, a pond with an alligator, and a monkey hanging off of a tire swing connected to a tree. 

“The whole jungle theme goal was very stressful,” sophomore Daniela Leon said, “because throughout the entire brainstorming session, we kept questioning exactly what type of animals go into a jungle.”

Last year, they painted a spring theme with ants, mushrooms, caterpillars, flowers, ladybugs, and butterflies in a different room in the daycare.

“It was kinda difficult painting the mushrooms,” sophomore Stefany Moreno said, “because to make the white dots perfect, we had to add a lot of paint, so when we came back to finish the other animals, the dots were dripping.”

The murals are also used as an educational tool for the babies of LRA.

Andrea Morales
The infant room in F.L.Moffet

“The babies love to point and call out the names of each thing that they see,” director of LRA Monica Caldas said. “I love the way the murals have turned out.”

Teacher in the district, Sydney Brookshire, has a child that attends LRA.

“My baby stays at LRA a couple times per week,” Brookshire said. “The service is such a blessing, and I am so glad art club is sharing their talents with the staff there. I love seeing the biggest students help out our tiniest.”