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Chucks and Stripes

Chucks and Stripes


Rue 21 Glasses

The glasses in this picture are worn by Miriam Almaguer. They have a very similar appearance to the non-prescription Ray-Bans Clubmaster Optics ($178) but have a low price of just $3 and are very fashionable. They come with square frames and compliment the entire outfit without doing too much. It is a subtle, yet important detail to the outfit and helps complete the look.

Ross Pink Jacket

The pink overcoat used in this picture comes from Ross and costs only $5. It drapes just below the bottom. They come in a light pink colorway and has sleeves that can be rolled up and buttoned. It has a loose fit, giving you room to layer as much clothing underneath it as your heart pleases.

H&M Oversized Jersey Top

Coming in at only $14.99, the H&M oversized jersey top comes in a black and white striped color-way and hangs very loosely around the arms and shoulders. The shirt is tucked in to hide some of the oversizeness of the top, but still compliments the jeans and jacket.

Miriam Almaguer

Old Navy Light Blue Skinny Jeans

These mid-rise skinny jeans have the perfect colorway for any outfit. Having slight distressing on the knees, it hugs tight, but not too tight, around the thigh and calf, and has a little bit of extra space around the ankles. They are made in the traditional 5-pocket model, and have a zipper fly and not a button fly. They cost $25, which is an outstanding price for amazing quality jeans like these.

Converse Chuck 70 High Top

The Chuck 70s High Top by Converse are a classic shoe that have been around for decades. The shoe was first marketed as a basketball shoe, but is now sold as an everyday shoe. The ones shown here come in a blackĀ and tie up all the way to the ankles. The toe box is hardened for firmness and the ankle strap on the back of the shoe is used to support the ankle and keep the shoe up right and not squish easily. They cost just $70 and are a great shoe if you are just getting into the world of fashion, or just looking to ball.

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