Best Types of Pets

Trinity Moore, Reporter

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Everyone has different perspectives on what are the best pets, but people have their own preferences. Animals have different qualities that people like, and people pick out what they want the most in their pets.

For people who like big furry animals, you can go for dogs. Of course, not all dogs are big and full of fur but you can always check out specific breeds. For example, you can choose breeds such as Saint Bernards and old English sheepdogs. These two breeds are perfect for families, they are kid friendly and they are also calm and patient. They hardly ever result to violence but they will if they see necessary.

If you are looking for a smaller pet that does not shed as much as a bigger animal would and is easier for transportation, then you can get a small dog or you can possibly consider cats. Cats are sweet and adorable creatures. They are smaller than dogs and you can easily carry them around. Cats warm hearts with the littlest things they do. Cat breeds such as the British shorthairs and Siamese cats are the ideal cats you would want in your house. Both breeds are extremely affectionate and are very intelligent. Loyalty is something you will notice in them both. They bring out the best in people.

If you do not want or like cats than rodents are still on the table. Not like sewer rats or squirrels, but the cute little hairballs you see running around in cages.  People starting with rodents can get a hamster or a guinea pig. Not specifically saying that you should start out with the two but it would help. Hamsters and guinea pigs are more active during the day. Hamsters are known to fight with other rodents in their cages, though, so it is best to put them alone or in separate cages. Guinea pigs hardly ever bite and are sociable so you don’t have to worry about fights if you pair them up.

These types of animals are great to start with as a house pet but you can get whichever pet you would feel comfortable with.  Any animal goes great with your personality you just have to find him or her. Everyone has a different perspective on which pets are the best pets, but the thing is people have their own preferences. Animals have different qualities that people like; when they pick what they want the most in their pets.