JCC Stocks Classrooms for Christmas

Olivia Johnson, Sports Editor and Yearbook Editor-In-Chief

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The Junior Chamber of Commerce spread Christmas joy through the halls of Center High School on December 7 by supplying the teachers with free supplies.

“The inspiration came from our newly elected officers,” JCC Sponsor Jennifer Fausett said. “They brainstormed on community service projects and finally decided that giving back to the teachers at CHS was where they wanted to put their focus this semester.”

Often faced with the task of buying their own school supplies, teachers encounter the challenge of spending their own money on supplies their students will use. Over a three week period JCC members collected over 400 items to give to the teachers.

“I grabbed liquid glue that I was going to need to buy for the door decorating contest,” Algebra II teacher Kara Gregory said. “I also picked out cap erasers because my students always need them.”

JCC President Maddie Russell, Vice President Katie Neighring, Secretary Zoie Eberenz, Treasurer Mark Perkins, and Reporter Dalton Snider traveled through the halls with their three carts filled with highlighters, pencils, notebooks and many other donated items.

“I feel this was necessary to do because we as JCC members and students need to realize our teachers run out of things they can use or provide for us,” senior JCC President Maddie Russell said. “We needed to give back to them what they have provided for us.”