Hennigan Takes Student Title in Door Decorating Contest

Celeste Gibson, Managing Editor

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Results are in for the Christmas door decorating contest from December 10th following a vote involving faculty, administration and close to 150 students.

Hennigan’s Homeroom Door, Frosty the Snowman

“The votes were tallied on a Google Form,” Student Publications Adviser Sydney Brookshire said. “Students were able to access the link through their homeroom teacher or on our website, chslariat.com.”

Social Studies teacher Steven Hennigan’s door won the student vote, with 34 percent.  

“To my homeroom class, thank you,” Hennigan said. “It’s an honor to win. They [the students] have such an amazing imagination and it was good to see that imagination come out in the physical sense.”    

The faculty voted for Study Skills Aide Kelly Parker, with 19 percent.

“I’m so excited we won,” Parker said. “We had so much fun coming up with and making our door. We only had two students in homeroom, so we had a few classes help us out; everyone made a ton of snowflakes and learned who Elvis was!”

Administration and support staff voted for Coach Kelsea Campbell’s  door, with over 33 percent.

Kelly Parker’s Door, A Tribute to Elvis

“I just let my kids have fun,” Campbell said. “I don’t actually have a homeroom class, so my seventh period decorated my door. My kids picked out the Pinterest inspiration, made it and we put all of their names on their ornaments and then they picked their favorite Christmas characters- that’s how we got Olaf and Rudolph.  It was definitely a group effort.”

This was the first Christmas Door Decorating Contest at CHS and was created by Wulf.

“I really appreciate the student effort that went into this,” Wulf said. “I think it was something different to break up the monotony of going to homeroom. I was really excited about the participation. We’re winding up the semester and everyone’s antsy and wants to do something, so I definitely think the effort was great, and I hope the students enjoyed this.

Coach Campbell’s Door, A Christmas Wonderland

The decoration contest may continue throughout the school year.  

“Mrs. Penick said some teachers are talking about keeping it [decorations] up for the entire holiday or [decorating for] different seasons.”Wulf said.