Door Decorating Contest Voting Starts Today

Celeste Gibson, Managing Editor

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Voting for Center High School’s first Christmas Door Decorating Contest will commence today.

“This contest was created to foster a good sense of family competition and festivity at Center High School,” CHS Student Liaison Ashley Wulf said. “I really do appreciate everyone competing and I think it’s been fun for both students and teachers; but everyone needs to bring their A-game because there is stiff competition out there!”

Students will receive a Google Survey and decide who had the best door decorations. Students can vote for themselves.

“I think it has been a lot of fun,” English teacher Sydney Brookshire said. “I love seeing Christmas cheer everywhere and it’s been a blast to have a fun activity to do with my 4th period. I really enjoy hanging out with them.”

The contest is for homeroom classes and completely student-led.

“I told my students about the contest the day we got the email, which was November 26th, I believe,” Michaelle Coker said. “My classroom door is going to have a Christmas tree with ornaments that every student in all my classes have made because my homeroom wanted to include all of my kids. Then my lab door is going to be the Grinch and Max stealing the Christmas tree away. One of my students, Malaney Cooper thought of the Grinch door, but this has definitely been a group effort.”

The idea for the contest was inspired by Culinary teacher Jennifer Fausett and suggested by Wulf and assisted by Brookshire.

“I voted for Coach Hennigan’s door,” Junior Reanna Arndt said. “I thought it was very unique and the snowman being 3-D was really interesting!”

The Homeroom winners will receive bragging rights over everyone.