Students and Staff Encourage Educator with Decor


Andrea Morales, Reporter

CHS staff and students helped decorate Robin Bristow’s room, Friday, September 7.

What all started as a Facebook post joke, ended up with Sydney Brookshire assembling many people who donated lots of  decorations and furniture for Bristow’s classroom.

“It was just so unexpected,” Bristow said. “I couldn’t stop crying when I came in.”

Brookshire and chemistry teacher Robbie Low stayed late on a Friday night to decorate the entire room.

“Mrs.Brookshire came up with the idea of secretly decorating Ms.Bristow’s room as a way of showing her how much we care about her,” Low said. “We wanted her room to be a place that would surround her with peace and encouragement.”

According to Bristow, that’s exactly what her room does.

“When I look at it, I feel all the support of all my friends here,” Bristow said. “Everybody has been wonderful in the community.”

Many teachers and students have brought over food and gifts to Bristow. For example, Kristen Baugh brought chicken spaghetti, Low took barbecue, Susan Penick shared her own experience with cancer, and Pamela Franklin gave her a bracelet saying, “Never give up.”

“I admire Ms. Bristow’s inner strength, and I consider her to be one of my closests friends,” Franklin said. “The bracelet I gave her expresses the thought that one should always have hope. I wanted my friend to know that she would not be facing her battle alone.”

This is only Bristow’s fourth year at CHS, and still so many people she did not even know helped and donated.

“We had so much stuff,” Brookshire said. “We had to turn stuff away.”

Many students are saddened by Bristow’s health struggle.

“She is the sweetest person I know,” junior Reanna Arndt said. “I love her so much.”

Senior Gracie Clifton says Bristow is a role model.

“I think Ms.Bristow is a strong woman, considering everything she has been through,” Clifton said. “She is one of the most caring woman I have ever met.”