Roughriders Defeat Wildcats 45-42

Leonardo Ariza, Reporter

The Center Roughriders went head to head against the White House Wildcats in their home gymnasium on November 27 and come out on top 45-42.

The opposing team won the tip-off and started off the game with a deep two. After the basket from the opposing team, junior Zaccharrias Smith drove in and made a layup making the score  2-2. In response, the other team made a basket making it 2-4. With 6:25 on the clock junior Jayden Hicks drove in and passed the ball out to senior Christopher Jackson who tied up the game, 4-4.

With 4:35 left in the first period the opposing team made another basket taking the lead once again. The opposing team forced a steal and ended up getting a shooting foul on the other end of the court. This resulted in the Wildcats going 1 for 2 at the free throw line which created a stronger lead of  4-7 with 3:10 left. After several Roughrider possessions, sophomore Marques Hall forced a turnover with 1:00 left. As the clock ticked down, the opposing team was fouled with only .1 seconds left in the first period. None of their free throws were successful, resulting in a score of 4-7 in the first period.

At the start off the second period, junior Malik Patton crossed his defender and shot a mid-range jumper which closed the score gap to 6-7. Following the point, the opposing team quickly inbounded the ball making a layup on the other end. With 6:45 left in the second period, Jackson received a shooting foul and only successfully put up 1 for 2 at the free throw line. Following the free throws, the Wildcats scored a 3 pointer making it 7-12. After a missed shot from the Roughriders, Jackson grabbed the rebound and passed it to Hicks who made the quick layup, making it a one-possession game 9-12 with 6:00 left.

Following the basket made from the Rough Riders,  Smith almost forced a steal but ended up making it a jump ball, giving the Roughriders possession with 5:45 left. Hicks drove in the paint and got fouled before making 1 of 2 at the free throw line bringing the score to 10-12. After a great defensive possession, Hicks forced a turnover with 5:00 left in the second period. Hicks was once again fouled and only made 1 of 2 free throws. The Wildcats answered back with another 3-pointer with 3:40 left. Following the three, Hicks drove inward making a layup, which made the score 13-15 with 2 minutes remaining in the second half. With time running down, the Wildcats attempted a layup but were fouled while shooting. Successful with both of the free throws, the score jumped to 13-17 with 1 minute left. Only a few seconds left, junior JaKerrion Watson shot a game-changing three-pointer. The Roughriders finished the first half with a one-point deficit, 16-17.

After a slow scoring half, Jackson started off the third period with a layup which gave the Riders a lead for the first time. The Wildcats were fouled on the other end of the court, but they missed both of their free throws. After a missed shot from the Roughriders, Hicks grabbed the rebound and passed it to Patton who shot a 3 pointer and scored, making the score 21-17. After a frustrating start, the Wildcats called a timeout with 6:45 left. Following the timeout, the Wildcats were fouled but only scored 1 of 2 free throws 21-18. The Wildcats gained position again and scored a layup making it a one-point game once again 21-20. After the Wildcats scored, Malik Patton shot another 3 pointers 24-20 with 5 minutes remaining in the third period. The Wildcats ended up being fouled but only made 1 free throw. After a defensive stop, the Wildcats scored a 3 pointer, tying up the game 24-24. After a quick inbound pass from the Roughriders, Hicks passed the ball to Jackson who scored the layup 26-24. After a great defensive stop, the Riders gained possession with 3:50 left. Senior Alexander Hooper received the ball from Jackson, which leads to an easy layup 28-24.  

The Wildcats responded back with a quick basket 28-26 with 2 minutes remaining. Watson passed the ball to Jackson, who scores the basket 30-26. Wildcats brought up the ball with 1:45, but Jackson with a great defensive play drew a charging foul, which made it Roughriders ball with only 1:30 left. After the defensive stop, Hicks received a shooting foul and converted both of them making the score 32-26 with only a few seconds left in the third period. With time running out the Wildcats quickly inbounded the ball and making it 32-28. After great defensive stop from the Wildcats, they made another basket making it 32-30 at the end of the third period.

After a great scoring third period, Jackson grabbed the rebound from a missed Roughrider shot and put it back up 34-30.After multiple defensive breakdowns, Coach Hiram Harrison called a timeout with 7:00 left. After the timeout, Jackson received the ball and shot a hook shot making it 36-32. The Wildcats continued to fight to stay in the game and scored a 3 pointer making it a one-point game 36-35. Roughriders tried to pull away, Hicks drove down the baseline and made the basket taking the lead 38-36.

After a turnover, Malik Patton passed it to Jackson, allowing him to make the easy bucket which made the game 40-36 with 4:20 left in the fourth period. Following a timeout, the Roughriders turned the ball over, which lead to a Wildcat fastbreak allowing them to tie up the game with 2:00 remaining. Marques Hall drove in but received a shooting foul. Hall made 1 of 2 free throws, giving Roughriders a one-point lead. Following a timeout, the Wildcats received a shooting foul with 1:13 left in the game. Wildcats were only able to convert 1 of 2 free throws, which tied up the game 41-41.

The  Roughriders were struggling to make a basket, so a timeout was called with 40 seconds left. Following the timeout, Roughriders turned the ball over to the Wildcats with 30 seconds remaining. Jackson tried to make a great defensive play by drawing the charging foul but ended up receiving a blocking foul. The blocking foul gave the Wildcats 2 free throws, but only successfully made 1 of them, allowing the Wildcats to take the lead 41-42 with 22 seconds remaining. The very next play Hicks drove in and shot a floater that gave the Roughriders the lead 43-42 with only 9 seconds left. The Wildcats were forced to foul with 1.1 seconds left. Jackson made both of his free throws which gave the Roughriders a 3 point lead. With only 1.1 seconds remaining in the game, Wildcats tried to inbound the ball from one side of the court to the other but was tipped by Hicks. This allowed the Roughriders to come out on top with a 45-42 win over the Wildcats.

The Riders will face Central Heights in Central Heights December 4 following the Freshman and Junior Varsity teams starting at 4 p.m.