Roughriders Head to First Round of the Playoffs

Riders will take on the Panthers Nov 16 in Woodville

Alex Patton, Reporter

Following last year’s district season of devastating losses, the boys of fall are headed to the first round of the Bi-District playoffs on Friday for the fourth year in a row.

“I feel real good about the improvement the boys have shown,” Assistant Football Coach Cody Ross said. “We’ve gotten a lot better offensively and defensively throughout the year. We’ve had some younger boys step up that we weren’t really expecting to step up, but they’ve done a good job for us. The boys have done a good job coming together and playing for each other. Overall, it’s been a good run for us.”

The Rough Riders began the season by defeating the Tatum Eagles but lost the next three games. They also went on a five game winning streak to secure a chance to play for the district championship. Unfortunately, the Rough Riders lost to Jasper 54-25 and were unable to secure the title of district champions, ending with a winning season of 6-4.

“I feel very confident going into our first playoff game. Our football team is starting to hit their groove and play together as a team so I feel very confident,” Assistant Football Coach John McGarvey said. “Our weakness is we tend to overthink things instead of relying on what we do during the week at practice. Instead of going out and just playing with the flow of the game and being confident in what we do, we overthink and sometimes and get ourselves in more trouble than we should be. So playing this week, I think our biggest thing is to stay relaxed, trust our calls, trust what we’ve been coached to do, and we’ll be able to execute and do well.”

The Roughriders start playoffs on Friday, Nov. 16 in Woodville, Texas, against the Liberty Panthers. The Lariat Staff wishes them good luck as they move forward in the playoffs.