Lady Riders Bury the Wolves

Olivia Johnson, Sports Editor and Yearbook Editor-In-Chief

The Lady Riders faced the Pineywoods Lady Wolves in pre-district game and landed on top 63-33 on November 10th.

During the first period, the Riders started off strong with many rebounds giving the team a lead of 9-0 with 5:30 left in the period. The Wolves played aggressive defense which resulted in many holding fouls. The Riders returned the aggressiveness by holding as well which helped the Wolves gain points by making multiple free throws. Junior Jakayla Weathered worked the outside and shot multiple threes giving the Riders a lead of 18-6 heading into the second period.

The Wolves started strong by blocking a shot by junior Beyonce Bell. The referees hammered down on the Wolves and their ball traveling which worked in the Riders favor. Layups seemed to be an issue for the Riders after many were missed. While the Riders struggled with the offensive side of the game, their unbreakable defense made up for their missed shots. Bell stole the ball from the Wolves and passed it down to her teammate junior Kalei LaRock who had no trouble scoring. The Rider offense grew stronger as the period went on. Junior Jasmine Cooks got an and one giving the Riders a lead of 34-9.

Junior Jakayla Parks was fouled while she attempted a successful layup to become eligible for free throws making the score 39-14. Parks continue to shine with many steals. Weathered kept the momentum going when she stole the ball from the Wolves giving the Riders a lead of 44-16. The Rider defensive started to slowly give away allowing the Wolves to fight back 46-24. Although the defense slacked, LaRock was fouled and made both of her free throws giving the Riders a lead of 52-24.

The period started with a pass by senior Malaisha Cartwright to LaRock for an easy and unblocked layup. The Wolves defense became aggressive which gave the Riders many free throws. Cartwright made both of her free throws after a foul which gave the Riders a lead of 57-26. Layups were a strong suit for the Lady Riders throughout the 4th period. Layups by freshman Aniyah Boykins, Parks and LaRock helped the Riders create an even bigger lead. The Riders dominated the court and finished the game 63-33.

The Lady Riders will face the Tenaha Tigers November 19 at home.